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Sometimes things come together, just the tides and sussing waves of reality. Though there are a number of people who are reality challenged, adults who are really children, those who have never had to live with the consequences of their words or action. We all know the excuses children use when the consequences come home to perch on their heads. It seems that certain “leaders” are in this category.

I found an interesting web site the other day. Check it out and see which of our leaders

match a lot of them. http://www.mcafee.cc/Bin/sb.html

and to point you in the direction I’m thinking, John Stuart Mill said it back in the 19th century

“Conservatives are not necessarily stupid, but most stupid people are conservatives.”



Why do people…


Ok, so I’m not really expecting an answer…….I happened to post a comment on Tom Degan’s Blog that the picture of the incoming congressional “leadership” reminded me of  certain historical tyrants, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot..oh I forgot some Idi Amin, and the Duvaliers of Haiti, Jorge Rafael Videla of Argentina….you get the picture. The poster said something akin to “I don’t think comparing the new US Congressional leadership is very helpful, and how it “cheapened” all the millions who suffered. Guess he didn’t grasp that maybe, just maybe if there had been monsters to compare to, they might not have come to power??  Benito Mussolini said the true name of Fascism ought to be Corporatism, for the melding of the state and corporation was the goal of Fascism.

So how is reminding people how many nations lost their liberty and lives to tyrannical types, often quite legally in any way take away from those who suffered? It’s when we forget that suffering and allow it to happen again that is the real belittling of those who suffered. Or does what is happening in the US right now remind you too much of the build up to the horrors and you want to go into total denial? One last thought (no it’s not original with me) “Fascism is the iron fist of capitalism”

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I have a feeling this is gonna be a bit snarky…you have been warned

So, I’m laying on the living room couch, one bleary eye open on the TV, the network “news” people spouting noxious fumes. One, who is much too perky for the hour, remembering they get up at 2am (what kind of twisted person even wants a job where you get up at 2am?) is interviewing another terminally perky MBA about how great the year, especially Dec has been for wall street, but the rest of us are still suffering? This perk fest is followed by repeated showings of a homeless man in FL being downed, from behind by a Neanderthal type bully. Must be the steroids? And the perky “news” people are all “oh how horrid”  A total disconnect between the 2 stories, as if they have no influence on each other. But I guess I can understand the disconnect, all the network “news” people are millionaires, many times over.

Moving on This Just In!  Liberals and conservatives actually have physical differences in their brains. Who knew? *snarky giggling*  


2011 is being hailed as ”The Year the Earth Strikes Back!!” No, I didn’t stay through the endless commercials til they got to the story. Don’t you just love the teasers they toss you so you sit drooling until the story? Usually through several commercial breaks. And ever notice how they use the same vid clip over and over and over in the stories, even if its dripping water or a close-up of roadside trash, neither which have a thing to do with the story. Maybe some cooking therapy? I really ought not attempt to write even semi coherently in the mornings, before breakfast..and the caffeine and pain meds have kicked in.

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Another Saturday morning…

  The morning newsies are bleating that this is the last shopping Saturday before Christmas. Yes people, go out and buy stuff that is discounted from it’s “regular price” Even though that price is marked up 200 or more %  Don’t you feel sorry for all the people that live in areas that have horrid weather?  They have a perfect excuse to NOT buy love and friendship. Though this time of year has been a time of celebrations and visiting, when did it become a time to buy stuff? I cant thing of one religion or culture where this time of year was used for massive consumption of goods. It reminds me of  the potlatches of the Native American tribes of the Pacific Northwest. Oh wait!! One of the main purposes of the potlatch was….the redistribution of wealth! Maybe that’s why the US and Canadian banned them and viciously suppressed them? Can’t have those socialist ideas and memes to get loose. Though if you consider, the Christmas season is still a redistribution of wealth. Ok, ok I wont go into a rant about the elites.

Oh, I read a comment on another site from a reality challenged, historically ignorant person that “the New Deal made the Great Depression worse” I often ask such people, well if you believe that have you refused any of the few benefits we still have left from the New Deal? And if you are anti union, have you given up all the things unions have gotten for all of us? Bet you haven’t. Meh

Have you noticed the mess the weather has made in Europe? My Aunt Sophie has been wanting the family, as many as can make it to come to Prague for the holidays. CZ, being a very civilized nation celebrates Christmas for 3 days. Though it’s the coldest, meanest winter in 500 years, a lot of us aren’t going to make the trip. I did suggest a cyber party…all of us have some kind of connection, so… 37 kitchens cooking and baking, and cyber partying. Some of that live close are getting together at the most connected place.  Hybrid real and cyber. OMG! Are we becoming androids in the global villages? I’m’ reminded of the phrase “ I love my computer, most of my friends and family live in there”

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Sometimes I just go totally blank, when about to post to the blog. Maybe I’ll  ramble? Though that has gotten me into trouble. “OMG!! can’t someone shut her up?” Laughing!! OK, what do you think about the idea that not only does the internet and other high tech communications stuff alter our perceptions of reality, it rewires  our brains? So we are not like the people of  100 or so years ago…how far back would it be before even the most free thinking not be able to grasp something like the net?

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Saturday morning 8:39am…

watching the news peeps, I’m reminded of the advice “blow up the tv, throw away the paper, move to the country” A wise woman once said to me ” It is the job of the news media to get us all to feel helpless and hopeless” Once more there is a story of a missing person, but it’s not local. or regional. So why does the entire world need to know about this? Global village?  Id say more like a global city, with neighborhoods. The more neighborhoods one knows, the more connections you have.  So wrap your imagination round this, walking down a street in Prague, and I smell OMG!! Mexican cooking!! Unexpected memories, which sets my stomach purring. Wonderful tastes and textures, and cold Czech beer.

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Have you ever noticed how inane TV gets around this time of year? This year the hyper joy is way out of line with the reality of most people. Almost like they are all shouting “Ignore the man behind the curtain!” Maybe Ill link some non US news and info sites. Make it easier for people to get info from other places.

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