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THE ABCs of MARXISM from the ISO
Marxism is more relevant than ever
Marx’s ideas are alive because his indictment of capitalism–that it is a class society that creates great wealth for the few at the expense of the many, that it is prone to economic crisis and war–continues to be confirmed on a daily basis.
"Not a dogma, but a guide to action"
"The reports of my death," wrote Mark Twain, "are greatly exaggerated." The same could be said of Marxism as a body of ideas.
Proving Marxist ideas into practice
What is there to recommend Marxism over any other view of society and how to change it?
The real Marxist tradition
To Karl Marx, and generations of socialists after him, socialism wasn’t about state ownership or party loyalty, but the self-emancipation of the working class.
Socialism: What will it look like?
"We know what you’re against. What are you for?" is a question that we socialists get a lot.
Isn’t socialism about conformity?
Mass-market capitalism imposes conformity on the majority–at work, where we are expected to follow strict rules, and outside it, where we are treated as "mass consumers."
The economics of laziness
No one can deny that people cease to be bored as soon as they are engaged in an activity they enjoy and are not compelled to do. Socialism eliminates these compulsions.
Can individuals change history?
Most history books treat historical change as the accomplishment of great men (and an occasional woman). The opposite, though less popular, view is that history follows a path which no individual can influence. Both ideas are mistaken.
Can ordinary people run society?
Often, it is workers’ hard-won, first-hand knowledge that engineers and managers use to figure out how to improve production–to squeeze as much out of workers as possible.
What leads workers to fight together?
The same conditions that drive workers to compete with one another for jobs and that appear to impose themselves as "natural laws," also propel workers into collective struggle–into organizing and fighting back.
Alienation in capitalist society
The term "alienation" in normal usage refers to a feeling of separateness–of being alone and apart from others. But for Karl Marx, alienation was an economic and social condition of capitalist society.


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