Fracked, again….

We now have the Great Budget Battle of 2011 looming in the US. Wont matter which side wins, we the people are once again being sold out by the wholly corporate politicians. Once again Barry O. shows that he is just another Friedmanite Free Marketer, like Rayguns, Paulson, Bush & Bush, etc. Asking the 97% of the population who had nothing to do with this mess, who are suffering still to sacrifice while those who are responsible get more and more? Cuts to training,social,medical and infrastructure programs while the mega corporations get to keep their welfare? WTF?? Why aren’t we out in the streets like the Arabs? Why don’t our news people look at the camera and say “Once again the government is poise to shaft you in favor of the uber rich” Oh wait, its cause the newsies ARE rich themselves, and are owned by even richer corporations. Why do we have to cut things that benefit the most but save the things which benefit the very few ..who don’t need it anyway? OK, ok I know I’m using logic, something sorely lacking in schooling in the US along with critical thinking, reasoning,and other studies which used to be thought important.

Sits out on her veranda and sips margaritas…


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