It’s only class warfare when we fight back…

Ever notice how the uber rich can get the rest of us to fight amongst ourselves? All this about different groups that “we” ought be afraid of? They have the resources to keep the fear and hate going,any group different from “us” is a threat to be destroyed. Right now in the US the 2 favorite groups to hate are Latins and Muslims, though the gays are always convenient too. So, “we” are supposed to hate the “immigrants” mostly Latin or Arabic who steal “our” jobs? OK, wait a min, was it the immigrants who shut down the factories, plants, shops and moved over seas? Where labor was even cheaper, and no pesky gov regulations or evil unions? Got to be careful of all them immigrants stealing “our” jobs. To say nothing of all the tax breaks to outsource…

I’ve seen lots of stats that show the average person’s wages have gone down in the past 30 years..while the uber rich have been raking it in. I suppose that’s the fault of the immigrants too?  OK, aren’t MOST people in the Americas immigrants? or from the same? and in a lot of the Americas the Latins have been here the longest. Oh wait, history isn’t required anymore….


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