Serpent carriers and other things which go bump in the night sky..


It’s been interesting to see the nattering, obscuring, denials, and just wrong statements around the “news” that there is *GASP!* a 13th sign in the zodiac. Some of us have known about it for years. Even those stargazers in Egypt and Babylon knew it was going to happen. I remember seeing in a book of star maps 20 or so years ago seeing the plain of the elliptic going through Ophiuchus. That’s a fancy name for the zodiac. Or where the sun appears to be against the back ground of stars. OK, so when this was first figured out around 4300 or so years ago, and the fighting about whether it was the Babylonians or Egyptians who first did the figuring when it was set down the Sun appeared to be 0 degrees Aries on the spring equinox and the constellations or signs on the elliptic followed. After a while it was noticed that the Sun seemed to precess, or move backwards through a sign. Wobbly earth caused this as well as the constant movement of sky stuff. While the sun in in a sign, it’s though that the energies of that sign rule the planet. So when things were first figured out, the Sun being in Aries meant the planet was in the age of Aries, and since the precessing appears to go backwards, or counter clock wise through the Zodiac, the age of Aires ended around 2000 years ago, and entered Pisces, which was a time of wild celebrating in countries that knew what was going on. We are at the end of the Age of Pisces, probably in the *drum roll * Age of Aquarius. Fine, you do the math, I’m just a dancer. Anyway, along with all this precessing and such, there has been a movement of one constellation into the zodiac while one moves out. Bye bye Scorpio, hello Ophiuchus. In fact Scorpio is holding on by the tip of its pointy lil tail. If you feel like digging there are some interesting stories, legends, prophecies about this happening.

Today we are mostly ignorant of the movements of the heavens, and rely on our daily horoscopes, which are total garbage “wait” I hear you say, mine has been accurate umm..some of the time, well less than random chance actually, umm ok so I’ve been basing my life on this? Some of you do, I know. If you happen to use a professional astrologer, they need your day time and place of birth to do any kind of accurate chart. I heard one sun sign astrologer blathering that the algorithms worked out 4000 or so years ago are still accurate today. Isn’t algorithm one of those BIG words used to cow the doubters? Since her living is based on keeping the myth going, I can understand. Kind of like any other priest. Want to know what your sun sign is now, rather than what it was 4300 years ago? Count backwards 60 days from your birth day, unless you end up in Scorpio, which is mostly Ophiuchus.


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