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I have a feeling this is gonna be a bit snarky…you have been warned

So, I’m laying on the living room couch, one bleary eye open on the TV, the network “news” people spouting noxious fumes. One, who is much too perky for the hour, remembering they get up at 2am (what kind of twisted person even wants a job where you get up at 2am?) is interviewing another terminally perky MBA about how great the year, especially Dec has been for wall street, but the rest of us are still suffering? This perk fest is followed by repeated showings of a homeless man in FL being downed, from behind by a Neanderthal type bully. Must be the steroids? And the perky “news” people are all “oh how horrid”  A total disconnect between the 2 stories, as if they have no influence on each other. But I guess I can understand the disconnect, all the network “news” people are millionaires, many times over.

Moving on This Just In!  Liberals and conservatives actually have physical differences in their brains. Who knew? *snarky giggling*

2011 is being hailed as ”The Year the Earth Strikes Back!!” No, I didn’t stay through the endless commercials til they got to the story. Don’t you just love the teasers they toss you so you sit drooling until the story? Usually through several commercial breaks. And ever notice how they use the same vid clip over and over and over in the stories, even if its dripping water or a close-up of roadside trash, neither which have a thing to do with the story. Maybe some cooking therapy? I really ought not attempt to write even semi coherently in the mornings, before breakfast..and the caffeine and pain meds have kicked in.

Marlena13’s Blog


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