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Though it involved another 8 days in hospital, heart surgery, “food” that was inedible, and bill of almost $108,000. Just for the hospital. My insurance paid $105,000 So far there has been another $6000 that ins did not pay That I had to pay. Add the extra $55 a month for meds… And a ream of mumbling incompetent doctors. One asked me how the wound on my ankle was doing? I said “I dont know , You are the Dr, unwrap it and LOOK at it!” He got the first layer off, then couldn’t figure out the second layer was wrapped the other direction. He acted all upset that he had to do some actual work, and that he had failed!! There is much more, though Ill let that go for now.

I’m still here!!

Yes, I know, it’s been a while. What can I say?

We do live in interesting times, so is that a curse?  End of empire, world wide collapse, the anti human hierarchy’s crumbling. I for one see that not a single culture or religion can cope with this huge change, though there are a few that will cope better.  Even in the industrial societies there are many who are aware of how we as a species can survive this mess. Not going to be nice. But is it ever?

Thanks Tom!!

Saw this on Tom Degan’s blog this morn….

THE ABCs of MARXISM from the ISO
Marxism is more relevant than ever
Marx’s ideas are alive because his indictment of capitalism–that it is a class society that creates great wealth for the few at the expense of the many, that it is prone to economic crisis and war–continues to be confirmed on a daily basis.
"Not a dogma, but a guide to action"
"The reports of my death," wrote Mark Twain, "are greatly exaggerated." The same could be said of Marxism as a body of ideas.
Proving Marxist ideas into practice
What is there to recommend Marxism over any other view of society and how to change it?
The real Marxist tradition
To Karl Marx, and generations of socialists after him, socialism wasn’t about state ownership or party loyalty, but the self-emancipation of the working class.
Socialism: What will it look like?
"We know what you’re against. What are you for?" is a question that we socialists get a lot.
Isn’t socialism about conformity?
Mass-market capitalism imposes conformity on the majority–at work, where we are expected to follow strict rules, and outside it, where we are treated as "mass consumers."
The economics of laziness
No one can deny that people cease to be bored as soon as they are engaged in an activity they enjoy and are not compelled to do. Socialism eliminates these compulsions.
Can individuals change history?
Most history books treat historical change as the accomplishment of great men (and an occasional woman). The opposite, though less popular, view is that history follows a path which no individual can influence. Both ideas are mistaken.
Can ordinary people run society?
Often, it is workers’ hard-won, first-hand knowledge that engineers and managers use to figure out how to improve production–to squeeze as much out of workers as possible.
What leads workers to fight together?
The same conditions that drive workers to compete with one another for jobs and that appear to impose themselves as "natural laws," also propel workers into collective struggle–into organizing and fighting back.
Alienation in capitalist society
The term "alienation" in normal usage refers to a feeling of separateness–of being alone and apart from others. But for Karl Marx, alienation was an economic and social condition of capitalist society.

Fracked, again….

We now have the Great Budget Battle of 2011 looming in the US. Wont matter which side wins, we the people are once again being sold out by the wholly corporate politicians. Once again Barry O. shows that he is just another Friedmanite Free Marketer, like Rayguns, Paulson, Bush & Bush, etc. Asking the 97% of the population who had nothing to do with this mess, who are suffering still to sacrifice while those who are responsible get more and more? Cuts to training,social,medical and infrastructure programs while the mega corporations get to keep their welfare? WTF?? Why aren’t we out in the streets like the Arabs? Why don’t our news people look at the camera and say “Once again the government is poise to shaft you in favor of the uber rich” Oh wait, its cause the newsies ARE rich themselves, and are owned by even richer corporations. Why do we have to cut things that benefit the most but save the things which benefit the very few ..who don’t need it anyway? OK, ok I know I’m using logic, something sorely lacking in schooling in the US along with critical thinking, reasoning,and other studies which used to be thought important.

Sits out on her veranda and sips margaritas…

It’s only class warfare when we fight back…

Ever notice how the uber rich can get the rest of us to fight amongst ourselves? All this about different groups that “we” ought be afraid of? They have the resources to keep the fear and hate going,any group different from “us” is a threat to be destroyed. Right now in the US the 2 favorite groups to hate are Latins and Muslims, though the gays are always convenient too. So, “we” are supposed to hate the “immigrants” mostly Latin or Arabic who steal “our” jobs? OK, wait a min, was it the immigrants who shut down the factories, plants, shops and moved over seas? Where labor was even cheaper, and no pesky gov regulations or evil unions? Got to be careful of all them immigrants stealing “our” jobs. To say nothing of all the tax breaks to outsource…

I’ve seen lots of stats that show the average person’s wages have gone down in the past 30 years..while the uber rich have been raking it in. I suppose that’s the fault of the immigrants too?  OK, aren’t MOST people in the Americas immigrants? or from the same? and in a lot of the Americas the Latins have been here the longest. Oh wait, history isn’t required anymore….

Serpent carriers and other things which go bump in the night sky..


It’s been interesting to see the nattering, obscuring, denials, and just wrong statements around the “news” that there is *GASP!* a 13th sign in the zodiac. Some of us have known about it for years. Even those stargazers in Egypt and Babylon knew it was going to happen. I remember seeing in a book of star maps 20 or so years ago seeing the plain of the elliptic going through Ophiuchus. That’s a fancy name for the zodiac. Or where the sun appears to be against the back ground of stars. OK, so when this was first figured out around 4300 or so years ago, and the fighting about whether it was the Babylonians or Egyptians who first did the figuring when it was set down the Sun appeared to be 0 degrees Aries on the spring equinox and the constellations or signs on the elliptic followed. After a while it was noticed that the Sun seemed to precess, or move backwards through a sign. Wobbly earth caused this as well as the constant movement of sky stuff. While the sun in in a sign, it’s though that the energies of that sign rule the planet. So when things were first figured out, the Sun being in Aries meant the planet was in the age of Aries, and since the precessing appears to go backwards, or counter clock wise through the Zodiac, the age of Aires ended around 2000 years ago, and entered Pisces, which was a time of wild celebrating in countries that knew what was going on. We are at the end of the Age of Pisces, probably in the *drum roll * Age of Aquarius. Fine, you do the math, I’m just a dancer. Anyway, along with all this precessing and such, there has been a movement of one constellation into the zodiac while one moves out. Bye bye Scorpio, hello Ophiuchus. In fact Scorpio is holding on by the tip of its pointy lil tail. If you feel like digging there are some interesting stories, legends, prophecies about this happening.

Today we are mostly ignorant of the movements of the heavens, and rely on our daily horoscopes, which are total garbage “wait” I hear you say, mine has been accurate umm..some of the time, well less than random chance actually, umm ok so I’ve been basing my life on this? Some of you do, I know. If you happen to use a professional astrologer, they need your day time and place of birth to do any kind of accurate chart. I heard one sun sign astrologer blathering that the algorithms worked out 4000 or so years ago are still accurate today. Isn’t algorithm one of those BIG words used to cow the doubters? Since her living is based on keeping the myth going, I can understand. Kind of like any other priest. Want to know what your sun sign is now, rather than what it was 4300 years ago? Count backwards 60 days from your birth day, unless you end up in Scorpio, which is mostly Ophiuchus.

….and the Road goes on forever…


Sometimes things come together, just the tides and sussing waves of reality. Though there are a number of people who are reality challenged, adults who are really children, those who have never had to live with the consequences of their words or action. We all know the excuses children use when the consequences come home to perch on their heads. It seems that certain “leaders” are in this category.

I found an interesting web site the other day. Check it out and see which of our leaders

match a lot of them.

and to point you in the direction I’m thinking, John Stuart Mill said it back in the 19th century

“Conservatives are not necessarily stupid, but most stupid people are conservatives.”

Why do people…


Ok, so I’m not really expecting an answer…….I happened to post a comment on Tom Degan’s Blog that the picture of the incoming congressional “leadership” reminded me of  certain historical tyrants, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot..oh I forgot some Idi Amin, and the Duvaliers of Haiti, Jorge Rafael Videla of Argentina….you get the picture. The poster said something akin to “I don’t think comparing the new US Congressional leadership is very helpful, and how it “cheapened” all the millions who suffered. Guess he didn’t grasp that maybe, just maybe if there had been monsters to compare to, they might not have come to power??  Benito Mussolini said the true name of Fascism ought to be Corporatism, for the melding of the state and corporation was the goal of Fascism.

So how is reminding people how many nations lost their liberty and lives to tyrannical types, often quite legally in any way take away from those who suffered? It’s when we forget that suffering and allow it to happen again that is the real belittling of those who suffered. Or does what is happening in the US right now remind you too much of the build up to the horrors and you want to go into total denial? One last thought (no it’s not original with me) “Fascism is the iron fist of capitalism”

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I have a feeling this is gonna be a bit snarky…you have been warned

So, I’m laying on the living room couch, one bleary eye open on the TV, the network “news” people spouting noxious fumes. One, who is much too perky for the hour, remembering they get up at 2am (what kind of twisted person even wants a job where you get up at 2am?) is interviewing another terminally perky MBA about how great the year, especially Dec has been for wall street, but the rest of us are still suffering? This perk fest is followed by repeated showings of a homeless man in FL being downed, from behind by a Neanderthal type bully. Must be the steroids? And the perky “news” people are all “oh how horrid”  A total disconnect between the 2 stories, as if they have no influence on each other. But I guess I can understand the disconnect, all the network “news” people are millionaires, many times over.

Moving on This Just In!  Liberals and conservatives actually have physical differences in their brains. Who knew? *snarky giggling*

2011 is being hailed as ”The Year the Earth Strikes Back!!” No, I didn’t stay through the endless commercials til they got to the story. Don’t you just love the teasers they toss you so you sit drooling until the story? Usually through several commercial breaks. And ever notice how they use the same vid clip over and over and over in the stories, even if its dripping water or a close-up of roadside trash, neither which have a thing to do with the story. Maybe some cooking therapy? I really ought not attempt to write even semi coherently in the mornings, before breakfast..and the caffeine and pain meds have kicked in.

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